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Diamond Winners
2015 Diamond Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Combine maps and game tech and you get Mantle, a toolset for prototyping rapid 3D environments. Stop wasting your team’s effort recreating the basics for every 3D spatial project. Mantle is the perfect solution for creative prototyping and discovery doing the heavy lifting for map import, styling and geolocated positioning. It's fast, ready to drop in content, place cameras and tweak lighting in seconds. Start environment projects faster for gaming, built environment and info visualisation.

Platinum Winners
2016 Platinum Winner
Enterprise Software

WeTrack provides a new way to manage projects. Born out of the London 2012 Olympic Games, WeTrack is a project management software built specifically around client needs. It covers the key principles in project management by combining all the best parts of an objective/tasking system with a full risk and issues register without the red tape. With a key focus on UI/UX, WeTrack is the easiest way to manage any large scale event, boasting clients such as The FA, Ryder Cup and The Jockey Club.

Gold Winners
2015 Gold Winner
Entertainment & Media

At Vidsy we’ve developed a game-changing tech platform enabling brands to create fresh micro content & ideas from a unique community of digital natives & creators. Brands can tap into our creative network to quickly produce micro video for mobile viewing and digital channels. Were proud of the service we provide to brands and agencies, the opportunities we give new creative talent & the exciting way we are driving collaborative creation to produce engaging brand content people will want to watch

2015 Gold Winner
Enterprise Software

Glisser makes presentations interactive – it takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote slide decks and pushes them out live to audience mobile devices, slide-by-slide, as they are presented. It then enables members of the audience to interact with the presenter or each other, participate in polls integrated seamlessly within the original deck, and provide valuable feedback. Attendees can also electronically mark-up the slides with notes, and keep them for future reference, or tweet slides.

2015 Gold Winner
Enterprise Software

More important to buyers than product features or cost is the buying experience. Sales reps who deliver relevant information in buyer-friendly, unique ways achieve a significant advantage by making the buying experience easy and straightforward. Aberdeen Research reports that by using buyer portals B2B sales companies attain 28% higher revenue compared to those still using email to collaborate with buyers. BuyerDeck is a unique way for B2B Buyers and sellers to collaborate from lead to close.

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Education + Education Technology

Naturebytes uses technology to re-connect you with wildlife in new and exciting ways. The Naturebytes kits make new technology and sensors accessible for everybody and provide activities that develop digital skills that enable you to see the natural world in ways that weren't possible before. We are a growing community of makers, engineers, scientists, schools and individuals all transforming digital making to help people to re-connect with wildlife.

2015 Silver Winner
Internet & Web

Talent Rank is an app environment for ambitious candidates to prove and improve their raw business skills. Users are immersed into an interactive game, dealing with real markets and real people; each a stream of fresh situations for their judgement to be tested, quantified and ranked. This pioneering apparatus trains young talent and delivers objective, differential data to assessors.

TR's exhaust data offers a forward-looking sentiment stream for market trading/risk insights.

2015 Silver Winner
Enterprise Software

A company’s reputation is one of its biggest assets, and the hardest to manage and protect. Resonance is applying the latest Cognitive Computing and Big Data techniques to the problem of finding, quantifying and analysing key reputational data.