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Boot Camp Recap: Hubspotting your Culture with Brian Halligan

HubSpot Management

Halligan believes his role as CEO is to have frequent communication with customers and wants HubSpot to be completely transparent. It is the CEO’s job to be one with their brand and always available to listen to customers. Halligan advised the head of every startup to utilize multiple social media networks to communicate with the public, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.

Creating the HubSpot Culture

Finding Success at MassChallenge

When I applied to MassChallenge, I had recently launched 99Degrees Custom and had made some important early traction. However, I was challenged with real and pressing questions about our growth strategy. Like all founders of early stage companies, I was sprinting between day-to-day operations, planning production for the next day and next week, and strategizing about how to get us past breakeven with the kind of strategy and core competencies that would guide our future.

MassChallenge Israel Mini Boot Camp

The seven MassChallenge Israel Finalists that attended were:
DialogWhiz - gives structure to web discussions, making them truly effective for getting informed and making decisions
Greenvolved – is an evolution of crowdfunding for environmental projects that lets individuals and corporations to co-operate- for our planet

Inspiration, Change, and Focus

I was feeling pretty confident in what I had done to date with tripchi, having just finished building a notional prototype of the ultimate vision—an inspirational leisure travel website that matched you with your perfect travel destination (eHarmony for travel planning).

Minute to Pitch It: A Recap

Minute to Pitch It (#Min2Pitch) was a huge success! Last night, the 48 Finalists made a 60 second pitch to a crowd of fellow entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Go over time? To bad! The gong rang at one minute and the next Finalist was up. Consider it like speed dating for startups; one after another, the crowd was wowed with innovative ideas and mind blowing product solutions.