Application FAQs

Applying to MassChallenge UK

Why should I apply?

No equity and not-for-profit, we’re obsessed with helping entrepreneurs succeed. Apply to MassChallenge and get access to a global community of mentors, partners, and alumni, all dedicated to helping you win – all without giving up any equity from your startup. According to a recent MIT study, MassChallenge startups are more than twice as likely to raise $1M and hire 15 employees, so this is too good of an opportunity to miss! Why not apply?

What is the entry fee?

The application fee is £69. Discounts are available with a credit code, just ask us about that once applications open.

Why is there an application fee?

We charge a modest application fee to cover the costs in order to ensure we can provide written feedback to all applicants. Also we want to know you’re serious about applying.

Can my startup apply to your accelerator?

To apply to MassChallenge, your company must be an early-stage startup that has raised less than £400K of investment, and less than £812K in annual revenue*. We take applications from startups from all industries.

How can I apply?

Applying is easy. Take the first step by creating your user profile (link), then create a profile for your startup once applications are open. In the meantime, sign up to be notified as soon applications are open. View the MassChallenge UK timeline here.

What are discount codes and how can I get them?

Discount codes can help reduce or waive your application fee, and are available online from our partners, mentors, and friends of MassChallenge. Just ask us about this once applications open.

Will my application be kept confidential?

Yes. You can make the startup profile section of your application public or hidden by choosing ‘stealth’ mode when creating your startup’s profile. If you are in ‘stealth’ mode, however, this is not an official NDA. All applications are reviewed by our volunteer judges and key members of the MassChallenge UK team. However, we do not require anyone involved in the application review to sign an NDA, although they are required to sign a Code of Conduct.

Either within or outside of the accelerator dates, can I speak to someone at MassChallenge about applying and the programme? With over 1,100 applicants in 2016, we do not have the staff resource (being a not-for-profit) to meet with founders one-to-one to discuss the programme. However, we host events year round, which we encourage you to attend to speak with staff and other startups taking part in the programme. In the months running up to applications opening and throughout the period in which applications are open we host Info Sessions at which we can take individual questions.

Can I apply internationally?

Yes. In 2016, MassChallenge UK had over 1,100 applications from 76 countries and 17 US states. We welcome all startups – you don’t need to be British or UK based to apply, however you do need to be eligible stay in the UK during the duration of the programme. MassChallenge is happy to supply a support letter for visa applications, but we cannot make visa applications on your behalf.

Who are the judges and mentors?

MassChallenge UK has 200+ judges and mentors who are successful investors, entrepreneurs, individuals with deep domain expertise such as corporate leaders, as well as recognised early-stage experts.

Does my startup have to operate out of the MassChallenge UK space?

At least one founder should work out of the office regularly. This is where the magic happens. The more present you are at the accelerator, the more you can take advantage of all that we offer, plus you’ll benefit from the serendipity of a bustling co-working space. Most programme activities take place in our offices.

What type of office space is available?

We have an open plan and collaborative office built in the old tobacco and wine warehouses of the historic Tobacco Dock. You can see the photos here.

Does MassChallenge run other events outside of the accelerators?

Yes. You can view our events here and sign up to be notified of upcoming events.

Are there opportunities for people who don’t want to apply or aren’t creating a startup, to be involved with MassChallenge? Yes, we would love you to be a part of the community! You can apply to be a volunteer, expert, or be a partner. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

What is your policy on intellectual property protection?

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs win. However, you are responsible for protecting your intellectual property. We suggest you speak to a lawyer for guidance on protecting your idea.

*Note: Calculated on an exchange rate of 1 GBP to 1.23 USD, thus equivalent to $500K in investment and $1M in revenue; subject to change year to year with exchange rate fluctuations.